Sale of the Century… finally

13 04 2011

Someone buy it, that would be rad, thanks.


11 04 2011

Another dope kiwi blog thats def worth a look!      iheartstance

10 04 2011

I finally got around to dragging the 86 out.

All fresh and clean, just in time for the storm…

Speaking the truth

10 04 2011

Too much radioactive spinach?

Finally back in Japan, a bit of blog life to catch up on.

unhappy penguin

14 02 2011

Poor old blog, all neglected and shit…


16 12 2010

Higashi Lights

14 12 2010

The Higashi course at Ebisu opened up for some twilight sessions.


Lavender Junk

14 12 2010

The stuff that makes matsuri weekends rad. Low, beaten and TE’s.


30 11 2010

Im back in NZ for a couple months, so hopefully I will get time to cover some decent stuff. Plenty of Matsuri pics to throw up also…coming soon.

Autumn Matsuri

18 11 2010

A frantic couple of days after the drift matsuri and I’m back in NZ for a couple of months, which means I finally have some time to go through my photos from Ebisu.

Here’s one to get it started.